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It's a Doug's Life
It's a Doug's Life
Doug loves the simple things in life. A good nose boop, a long nap. And, if we’re being honest… he also likes the perks of being the world’s most famous pug. The red carpets, the celebrity belly rubs, the designer bandanas — and, of course, the food. Pizza! Pinot! Pasta!
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Doug’s been
Everywhere, man.

He’s made so many great friends — furry and not-so-furry, celebrity and not-so-celebrity. He’s acted in an Oscar-nominated movie and a Super Bowl commercial, starred in music videos for Katy Perry, DNCE and Fall Out Boy, co-written a New York Times bestseller, modeled as a very good calendar boy. And while he sure seems to have the world by the tail, he’s happiest just being himself — laid-back and loveable Doug.
Cute Mirror IllustrationDoug looking in the mirror.Thought Bubble DotsThought Bubble: Doggone it, people like me! And I like them, too.
Doug's Celebrity Dawgs
Doug with the cast of Schitt's Creek
Doug with Dolly Parton
Doug with the Jonas Brothers
Doug with Jojo Siwa
Doug with the Backstreet Boys
Doug as Eleven with the Stranger Things boys.
Doug being cool with Paramore.
Doug with Stephen Tyler
Doug with Ryan Secrest
Doug with Pharrell
Doug with Miranda Sings
Doug with Meghan Trainor
Doug with JVN
Doug with Katy Perry
Doug with John Legend and Chrissy Teigan
Doug with Justin Beiber
Doug with Joe Jonas
Doug with Ed Sheeran
Demi Lovato
Doug with Dua Lipa
Doug with Blake Shelton
Doug with Billie Eilish
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Hooray for Howllywood!
Hooray for Howllywood
This year, Doug traded in licking his chops for some acting chops — he was the voice of Monchi in the Oscar-nominated The Mitchells Vs. The Machines! Doug loved being an actor — some even said he really sunk his teeth into the role.
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We put together this little ruff cut so you can get a behind-the scenes look at what it was like for Doug as the world’s first-ever celebrity pet voice actor.

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And be sure to catch The Mitchells Vs. The Machines on Netflix for family-friendly, pet-friendly fun.

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Cute Heart Illustration
Cute Heart Illustration
Doug the Pug Foundation Logo
While Doug loves all the fun things that come with being famous, his absolute favorite is making kiddos smile. That’s why we started the Doug the Pug Foundation — to bring joy to little humans fighting cancer and help their families worry a little less about how to pay for care. We’ve also pawtnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Make a Wish Foundation — all to help our very special friends feel the love from Doug.